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IFS Research Group excels in deploying customized campaigns with a specially trained team of professionals, calling 
from a quiet environment, conducting short and long form surveys, and collecting the high-quality data you desire.

We Excel In Customized Campaigns

Surveying Your Audience

We conduct rapid, short form surveys to collect those quick data points in mass or in-depth, long form surveys of any length based on your needs.

Specialized Training

In addition to the standard training provided by IFS Research Group, you have the flexibility to include any additional training specific to your research needs.


Our agents call from personal or home offices facilitating intimate conversations without the constant clatter of a call center.


We provide daily and weekly reporting regarding your project’s staff size, rate of calls, rate of completion, and disposition of the survey answers, with anecdotal notes added to each completion.

Competitive Pricing

We offer flat rate pricing with completion rates that exceed the industry average, and you own all the data coming back from the calls.

Hand Picked Agents

Each team members is carefully selected by our project managers based on the unique demands of your project.

Survey Research

We specialize in conducting thorough and dependable survey research, catering to a wide range of clients including public relations firms, public utilities, data collection and polling firms, and international property developers.

Equipped with state-of-the-art methodologies and a dedicated team of experienced researchers, we provide actionable intelligence that enables you to make confident decisions. Whether it’s understanding political landscapes, focus grouping your marketing strategies, or staying abreast of consumer trends, IFS Research Group equips you with the data you need to make well-informed decisions.


Our market research campaigns are carried out by dedicated teams of agents, whom you have the opportunity to contribute to in terms of hiring and training.

Depending on your requirements and project timeline, we can efficiently reach thousands of potential respondents daily through multiple agents or engage in a market research campaign handled by a single, specially trained agent, catering to a smaller pool of respondents. Whether you prefer an accelerated or steady approach, our goal remains unchanged – our agents work for you.

US Based

IFS Research Group is an American company that provides calling services located within the United States. While numerous businesses opt for outsourcing to international call centers in order to reduce expenses, this approach often results in a decline in customer service quality. We provide cost-effective call center solutions that maintain the local presence your customers are familiar with and appreciate.

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